Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Scoutmaster's Blog: Scout Camp - The Movie

A Scoutmaster's Blog: Scout Camp - The Movie: "�John Prochazka said...
I heard for the first time the theme song for the movie, (Baby I Want To Be A Scout), at a Camporee with my son where it was just about Minnesota cold in Kansas. It woke everyone up. For the first time in a long time Boy Scouts and their leaders aren't portrayed as gubbers. The song is so hip, that you can actually dance to it in a hip hop club. It's going to be a great movie, and I wish there were more to tell our tale on the way to Eagle and manhood.

Cubmaster-John Prochazka-Pack 3210

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Quinn Bros. Band: A Gut-Busting Romp

Tom and Ben Quinn recently called on Three Coin Productions for another project.  Our last project with these guys was a spontaneous short film created specifically for Ben's well-read blog, The Unmighty.  This time they said the project would be "a little bit different."

"How different?" I asked.

"Well, we actually have a budget."

They had my attention.

Tom and Ben have a band, and are trying to get some more exposure.  They wanted us to produce the video coverage of their upcoming concert.  Sure, why not?  We do event coverage all the time: incentive trips, product launches, seminars, trainings, and even an occasional concert.  So the date was set.

The concert was absolutely hilarious.  Ben and Tom had the audience in hysterics, never letting up.  The shoot went well, and we look forward to producing a full concert DVD for them.  For now, here's a peek at the event.

Find out more about The Quinn Brother's Band here

Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Little Playdates" on Insider

One of our DVD series was featured on The Insider.  Look closely and you can see some of Three Coin's creative minds hard at work.

Here's the clip: Hollywood Baby Wranglers

Congratulations to JoAnne and Trent Pettry for producing a great series.

Monday, October 6, 2008

"Webmaster Jam" filled with bevy of talent

October 3rd and 4th CoffeeCup Software hired Three Coin Productions to produce a DVD series for their "2008 Webmaster Jam" Seminar.  Our crew was thrilled to be invited, so we packed our cameras, loaded up on tapestock, and headed to Atlanta for the weekend.

We weren't to sure what to expect, but were amazed at what we saw.  The seminar introduced us to an entirely new world of development and design gurus who are leading the trends and and in front of the pack when it comes to web design advancements.  It was fascinating to sit behind the camera and listen to speakers such as Jeff Croft or Jason Ford discuss the latest trends in interactive web development.  Other presenters included talented designers like Garrett Dimon and Rob Weychert.  J Cornelius, from CoffeeCup, even hosted a "Website Smackdown," where attendees could have their own websites critiqued by a panel of experts, in front of the entire conference.

After 22 hours of footage was shot, we wrapped up and headed home.  I look forward to finishing the editing now, and will be sure that our designer implements some of the tips that were given as he prepares the DVD menus for the series.

Congratulations to the entire CoffeeCup Software crew for putting together a fantastic event.